A next-generation formula to clean all types of fuel injectors, diesel pumps and fuel oil and keep them free of microorganisms.

– Reduces gaseous pollutants.
– Protects against corrosion.
– Improves engine performance.

– One dose every 15,000 km or every year. (PREVENTATIVE MODE)
– One dose every 30,000 km or every 2 years. (MAINTENANCE MODE)
– Add one dose with 15 or 20 litres of fuel and drive at high rpm for 15 km. Then fill the tank and add another dose. (CORRECTIVE MODE)

Remove the fuel tank cap. Add the contents of the bottle to the tank when it contains a low level of fuel. Replace the fuel tank cap. Run the engine on idle for 5-8 minutes. Drive for 20 km or more at normal rpm.

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