Its formula cleans and decarbonises injection systems to improve the engine's combustion and efficiency.

– It eliminates varnishes and soot.
– Cleans the throttle body and the air valves without the need to dismantle.
– Cleans the valve seats and the combustion chamber.
– Use in removed or unremoved parts such as EGR valves and blocked or oily lambda probes.

– The right amount to achieve any of its functions.

Remove for application in intake and throttle connector. Start the engine and bring it up to the right temperature (service). Increase the revolutions to 1,500 r.p.m. Apply through the flow meter intake, if possible at a distance of 20 cm, with short presses to be sure that the engine does not accelerate out of control. Having controlled the above step, apply with short presses and check that the sound of the engine has changed following cleaning. After cleaning, leave the engine running for around 5 minutes to readjust.

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