Punctures repair sealer.
– We recommend lifting the vehicle and placing the valve in the lowest possible position.
– Remove the valve core (the inner part thereof) with the supplied plug. Let all the air out.
– Fit the container to the valve, use the adapters if necessary. Insert the contents of the package into the tire.
– Connect an air compressor to the valve of the tire and apply air for cleaning the valve and check that there are no remains of the product. – Place the valve core and put the tire 500 g more than the manufacturer's recommended pressure.
– In case of the object that caused the puncture remain embedded, locate and remove it from the tire, then use the vehicle with caution, check the pressure past after approx 2 km. – Recheck the tire pressure after driving for about 10 km. There are cases where, depending on the damage to the tire, the product can make a permanent repair, in case you lose pressure go to a specialist workshop.
– In case of vibrations you must remove the product from the tire. It is cleaned with water.

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