(I) Its excellent formula cleans, descales and removes grease and oil residues from the entire cooling circuit.

– Removes emulsion from the oil with the coolant/antifreeze in the circuit when a head gasket or cooler breaks.
– Cleans without needing to dismantle, removing any sediments in the circuit.
– Prepares the circuit for the addition of fresh coolant/antifreeze, improving the heat transfer in the circuit.

– A dose of 400 ml can treat up to 10 litres of coolant/antifreeze.

Make sure that the level of coolant/antifreeze is below the overflow level. Pour into the coolant/antifreeze tank. Start the car and run it at high idle for at least 10 minutes. When it has finished circulating in and cleaning the circuit, open the engine block and radiator's drain plug. Drain the circuit with water until it comes out completely clean. Close all drain plugs and refill the circuit with Proquisur coolant/antifreeze.

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