A product that corrects faulty operation of the hydraulic valves in all types of engines, effectively regenerating them and improving their adjustment and flexibility, while also cleaning the inner workings of the engine.

-Removes residual deposits of used oil throughout the lubrication system.
-Effectively regenerates the retainers of the valves, crankshaft, camshaft, etc.
-Cleans the oil pan, the valves, the housing of the hydraulic segments, bolts and plugs and all the lubrication lines, such as the crankshaft, camshaft, turbochargers, etc.
-Corrects the load of the hydraulic valves.
-Does not affect the correct operation of catalytic converters and particle filters.

– Add 400 ml of MAX VALVES

Before an oil change. With the engine off, remove the cap from the oil pan. Apply the contents of the bottle. Put the cap back on. Start the engine and idle for 15 minutes. Empty after this time, allowing all the residue to flow out. Change the oil filter and add the new lubricant.

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